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Satellite Footprints
Atlantic Bird 7 footprints published
News - Satellite Footprints
Wednesday, 31 August 2011 18:53



Uploaded Atlantic Bird 7 provisional coverage.



Paksat 1R predicted coverage
News - Satellite Footprints
Thursday, 11 August 2011 17:12



Uploaded Paksat 1R predicted footprints.


Many thanks to 111BASHAR for providing the information!


Paksat 1R launch is planned by August 14.

Footprints updates
News - Satellite Footprints
Wednesday, 10 August 2011 02:29


Multiple footprint updates

We have implemented a lot of footprint updates within past couple of weeks. Here is the list of recent changes:



NSS 703 footprints updated


Galaxy 26 at 50 East footprints updated


Galaxy 11 at 55.5 West Brazil beam footprints updated


Wildblue 1 at 111 West footprints uploaded


Eutelsat 3A at 3 East footprint uploaded


Intelsat 602 at 178 East footprints updated


Astra 1N footprints updated


Astra 2F Africa beam footprint uploaded


Astra 2G Africa beam footprint uploaded


Bonum 1 at 56 East footprints updated


Express AM4 predicted footprints updated


Express AM5 predicted footprints uploaded


Express AM6 predicted footprints uploaded


Express AM8 predicted footprints uploaded


Express AT1 predicted footprints uploaded


Express AT2 predicted footprints uploaded


Paksat 1 Ku-band footprints uploaded


Eutelsat W6A predicted footprints uploaded


Eutelsat W3C predicted footprints uploaded


Eutelsat W3D predicted footprints uploaded


Intelsat 19 predicted footprints updated


Intelsat 20 predicted footprints updated


Intelsat 21 predicted footprints updated


Intelsat 22 predicted footprints updated


Intelsat 23 predicted footprints uploaded


Intelsat 25 footprints updated


Intelsat 27 predicted footprints uploaded


ABS 2 predicted footprints updated


QuetzSat footprints updated
News - Satellite Footprints
Monday, 11 July 2011 03:03



Updated Quetzsat 1 coverage maps, beacons and mass information.


Many thanks to bajasur1 for the data contribution!



DirecTV Footprints updates
News - Satellite Footprints
Sunday, 10 July 2011 20:36



Uploaded DirecTV 1R footprints


Updated DirecTV 10 footprints


Many thanks to bajasur1 for the KML files!

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