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Position asc  
Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
114 EfailedAngosat 1430872017-086AUSP BusAngolan National Space Program Management Office (GGPEN)Baikonur Cosmodrome155026-Dec-2017  16 C-band and 6 Ku-band transponders. Eventually the satellite stopped responding and in April 2018 it was declared a total loss.
216 EfailedEutelsat W3B372062010-056ASpacebus-4000C3Eutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center540028-Oct-2010  3 Ka-band and 53 Ku-band transponders to provide broadcast and telecommunications services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. W3B developed a leak in the propulsion system directly after launch and was declared a total loss.
317 EfailedAmos 5379502011-074AExpress-1000Spacecom Satellite CommunicationsBaikonur Cosmodrome160011-Dec-2011  18 C-band and 18 Ku-band transponders to feature a fixed pan-African C-band beam and three steerable Ku-band beams — all covering Africa with connectivity to Europe and the Middle East. The satellite had abruptly ceased functioning on 21 Nov 2015 and that attempts to restore service had failed.
432 EfailedAstra 5A (GE 1E, Sirius 2)250491997-071ASpacebus-3000B2SES S.A.Guiana Space Center288812-Nov-1997  32 Ku-band transponders to provide direct video communications to Sweden and neighboring countries. Service for pan-regional broadcasters, regional feeds of global TV channels, business, pay-per-view cable, horse racing.
542 EfailedNigcomsat 1313952007-018ADFH-4 BusNASRDAXichang Satellite Launch Center515013-May-2007  4 C-band, 18 Ku-band, 4 Ka-band, 2 L-band transponders
672 EfailedIntelsat 4 (IS 4)236361995-040AHS-601IntelsatGuiana Space Center29203-Aug-1995  16 Ku-band transponders covering Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe.
780 EfailedTelkom 1258801999-042AA2100APT Telekomunikasi Indonesia TbkGuiana Space Center276312-Aug-1999  24 C-band and 12 extended C-band transponders to provide voice and video communications to Indonesia and other regional countries. On 25 August 2017, Telkom 1 lost contact and suffered a massive debris shedding event
880 EfailedExpress MD1 (Ekspress MD-1)335962009-007BYakhtaRussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome114011-Feb-2009  8 C-band and 1 L-band transponders to provide digital TV & radio broadcasting, telephony, data transmission, multimedia and VSAT services to Russia and Asia. Satellite experience technical failure on Jul 4 2013.
980 EfailedExpress AM4R (Ekspress AM4R, EAM4R)  Eurostar-3000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome577516-May-2014  30 С-band, 28 Ku-band, 2 Ka-band and 3 L-band transponders to provide high performance coverage over the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Replacement satellite for Express AM4. Failed to reach the orbit due to Proton/Breeze-M 3-rd stage failure.
1080 EfailedExpress AM4 (Ekspress AM4, EAM4)377982011-045AEurostar-3000Russian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome577517-Aug-2011  30 С-band, 28 Ku-band, 2 Ka-band and 3 L-band transponders to provide high performance coverage over the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. Unfortunately Breeze-M 2-nd stage failed to get the satellite to the right orbit and it was declared totally lost on August 30 2011.
1183 EfailedGSAT 6A432412018-027AI-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)211729-Mar-2018  5 C × S transponders (9 MHz bandwidth), 5 S × C transponders (2.7 MHz bandwidth) to provide mobile communication services through multi beam coverage. ISRO lost the contact with the satellite during the orbit raising maneuvers but keeps trying to bring the satellite to the safe mode.
1283 EfailedGSAT 5P (Insat 4D)  I-2K (I-2000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikotta (SHAR)233025-Dec-2010  24 C-band + 12 extended C-band transponders to provide continuity of service channel customers in the telecommunications and television replacing the aging INSAT 2E
1390 EfailedYamal 201 (Yamal 200 KA-1, Ямал-201)280942003-053BUSP BusGazprom Space SystemsBaikonur Cosmodrome136024-Nov-2003  9 C-band, 6 Ku-band; provide communications for gas corporation operations throughout Eurasian continent.
14113 EfailedPalapa N1 (Nusantara 2, Nusantara Dua)  DFH-4 BusPT Pasifik Satelite Nusantara (PSN)Xichang Satellite Launch Center555030-Dec-2020  High-throughput Ku-band payload with 10 Gbps of capacity. The satellite was launched in April 2020, but failed to reach orbit.
15116 EfailedChinasat 18 (ZX-18)444932019-053ADFH-4 BusChina Satellite Communications Co. Ltd.(China Satcom)Xichang Satellite Launch Center550019-Aug-2019  30 Ku-band transponders, 9 Ka-band transponders and 2 Ka BSS-band transponders to provide voice, data, image and Multimedia applications such as video processing/transportation and high-data-rate Internet applications. The satellite was successfully launched into geostationary transfer orbit, but suffered anomalies after launch and declared a total loss.
16118 EfailedTelkom 3387442012-044AExpress-1000PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia TbkBaikonur Cosmodrome19036-Aug-2012  32 С-band and 10 Ku-band transponders. Due to the failure of Breeze-M upper stage the satellite was left on off-nominal intermediate orbit
17145 EfailedExpress MD2 (Ekspress MD2)387452012-044BKhrunichev busRussian Satellite Communications CompanyBaikonur Cosmodrome11406-Aug-2012  8 C-band and 3 L-band transponders to provide broadcasting and communications services across Russia and the CIS countries, as well as mobile presidential and governmental communications. Due to the failure of Breeze-M upper stage the satellite was left on off-nominal unusable orbit
18148 WfailedEchostar 2243131996-055AAS-7000EchoStar CorporationGuiana Space Center288511-Sep-1996  16 Ku-band transponders covering CONUS
19133 WfailedGalaxy 15 (G-15, Galaxy 1RR)288842005-041AGEOStar-2IntelsatGuiana Space Center203313-Oct-2005  24 C-band transponders and L-band payload for GPS navigation to in-flight aircrafts. Covers North America, Alaska, Hawaii and Caribbean. The satellite was restored to operational state after anomaly and is currently in operation at 133 West position. In August 2022 Intelsat again lost the ability to command its Galaxy 15 satellite after an anomaly caused by a space weather event. The anomaly caused the loss of commanding links, which lead to the satellite drifting off its station. In September the communications payload was shut down to avoid interference. The satellite was already to be replaced by Galaxy 33 under the C-band transition program.
20113 WfailedMexSat 1 (Mexsat Centenario, MexSat-G1)  BSS-702HPMexican Secretary of Communication and Transportation (SCT)Baikonur Cosmodrome532316-May-2015  L and Ku-band transponders (122 spot L-band beams) to provide secure communications for Mexico’s national security needs, as well as enhanced coverage for the country’s civil telecommunications. The satellite was lost at the launch due to the failure of Proton's 3-rd stage.
21113 WfailedEutelsat 113 West A (E113WA, Satmex 6)291622006-020ALS-1300SXEutelsat Communications S.A.Guiana Space Center545627-May-2006  36 C-band and 24 Ku-band transponders to provide voice, data, and video services to Mexico, South America, and the continental United States. Following an anomaly on the satellite which occurred on 31st January 2024, it has ceased operations on the satellite.
2255 WfailedIntelsat 27 (IS-27)  BSS-702MPIntelsatSea Launch (Odyssey platform)62031-Feb-2013  20 C-band, 20 Ku-band and 20 UHF-band transponders to provide increased and enhanced capacity for media, network and government services for North and South America, Europe, Mexico, the Andean region, Brazil and the Caribbean. The satellite was lost in a launch failure in January 2013. It will be replaced by Intelsat 34.
2350 WfailedIntelsat 29E (IS-29E)413082016-004ABSS-702MPIntelsatGuiana Space Center655228-Jan-2016  20 C-band transponders to provide coverage of South America, 249 Ku-band transponders (36 MHz equivalent) to provide coverage of North America, Europe, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, and the North Atlantic Ocean region and 1 (450MHz) Ka-band transponder to provide global coverage. The satellite experienced a critical anomaly on 7 April 2019 and currently drifting.
244 WfailedAmos 6  Amos BusSpacecom Satellite CommunicationsCape Canaveral SFS55001-Sep-2016  39 Ku-band segments and 24 Ka-band broadband beams to provide a wide array of services. Steerable Ku-band Pan-European and Middle East coverage as well as Ka-band beams for broadband services over Africa and Europe. Satellite was regretfully lost at the launch pad with the explosion of Falcon 9 launcher
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