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Satellite Name 
Satellite Model 
Launch site 
Launch mass 
Launch date
136 EplannedEutelsat 36D (E36D)  Eurostar-NeoEutelsat Communications S.A.Cape Canaveral SFS500027-Mar-2024  With 70 physical Ku-band transponders, the all-electric EUTELSAT 36D will assure all the main legacy missions of EUTELSAT 36B, with enhancements to coverage areas and performance.
242 EplannedTurksat 6A  TAITurksatCape Canaveral SFS430030-Dec-2024  20 Ku-band transponders (16 active and 4 redundant Ku-Band transponders which cover Europe, Northern coast of Africa, Midde East, India and Indonesia, in addition to Turkey), 2 X-band transponders. 3 regional Ku-band beams and one X-band beam
355 EplannedGSAT 20  I-3K (I-3000) BusIndian National Satellite (INSAT)Cape Canaveral SFS470030-Jun-2024  Ka-band high-throughput communications payload with 70 Gbit/s[11] throughput utilizing 40 beams offering HTS capacity of nearly 48Gpbs.[12] Each beam will have 2 polarisations, effectively making them 80 beam
4116 EplannedNusantara Lima (Nusantara 5)  BSS-702MPPT Pasifik Satelite Nusantara (PSN)Cape Canaveral SFS555030-Dec-2024  HTS capacity exceeding 160 Gbps, which will provide primary service in Indonesia and some ASEAN countries
581 WplannedARSAT SG1 (ARSAT 3)  ARSat-BusARSAT (Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anonima)TBD200030-Dec-2025  Ka-band high-performance satellite (High Throughput Satellite, HTS) to carry broadband connectivity throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic. It will have more than 30 beams that will cover the entire continental Argentine territory, the island of Tierra del Fuego and part of the neighboring countries of Argentina
64 WplannedAmos 8  Amos BusSpacecom Satellite CommunicationsCape Canaveral SFS 30-Dec-2024  High-power Ku and Ka-band capacity to deliver state-of-the-art broadcast, broadband and data services from Spacecom's 4°degrees West 'hot spot' to Europe, Africa and the Middle East
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